Good morning everyone! We know that your car doesn’t always break down between 8a-6p M-F.  We also know that sometimes in order to leave your vehicle here, you need to rely on friends or family (or Uber/Lyft!) to get to work on time.

In case you need to leave your car here on our lot after/before hours, we have a system in place!

As you’re standing at the first garage door (where the DROP BOX is), directly to your left is a flower box. On the side of the flower box is a plastic box with key drop envelopes inside. For your convenience, we’ve also put assorted pens and pencils in the plastic box.
Remove an envelope and fill out the front, including your name, phone number and what you’d like us to look at. There are check boxes for maintenance things, and lines for extra things.
Once it’s complete, put your keys inside the envelope and drop the envelope into the key slot. The envelope will drop inside the garage door, snug as a bug in a rug. We’ll get to the envelope (and your car!) when we arrive in the morning. Easy peasy!!!
Let u29694465_10208924681553895_3409175879934687192_ns know if you have questions! 614.864.1600