Hello!! Things sure changed fast from February didn’t they?

OUR HOURS are changing effective Monday, April 6th. We will be open 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday. There are so many fewer cars on the road right now, it makes sense to close a little early. We will still make it easy to drop or pick up your car after 5pm… ask us how!

You might be wondering where our April Newsletter (and the coupons!) is. Our printer isn’t an essential service, so it wasn’t printed this month. YOU MAY USE ANY COUPON FOR DOLLARS OR PERCENTAGE OFF FROM ANY NEWSLETTER you might have laying around from another month. We will honor ALL OF THEM.

Let’s talk about germs. Here’s what WE are doing differently with COVID-19 precautions:
1. The technicians are wearing gloves when they are inside your car cabin. They are wiping your steering wheel and horn with a disinfecting wipe.

2. The LOBBY IS CLOSED except for those people paying for their repair and picking up their keys. EVEN SO, WE ARE LIMITING THE NUMBER of people in the lobby at one time to ONE CUSTOMER.

3. Your keys will be handled by the front desk staff with a wipe. They will be wiped down when we receive the keys and when we return the keys. Additionally, we spray the keys when they are hanging up in the lobby. For this reason, please keep your fancy fobs, lanyards and key chains at home so they don’t come home with bleach stains.


During open hours: Fill out an envelope from the box on the front door. Put your car key in the envelope, and place the envelope in the clear box that is sitting on the front windowsill. We will pop out once you step away and check you in.

After business hours: The after hours envelope box is beside the flower box. The after hours slot is in the first garage door. Place the envelope in the slot and the key and envelope will fall inside the garage.

Here’s how YOU can help us with COVID-19!
Before you drop off your car, please take a look inside your cabin and dispose of any used tissues, masks, gloves, dental floss or food waste. It’s a good idea to clean off your interior windows (ones that have passengers next to them) from any “sneeze or cough germs” that might be lurking.