Oh my… the blessings!!  They’re EVERYWHERE!!!!  Let’s break some down….

1.  If you’re a customer of ours, you have a car…. That is a HUGE!  It’s no secret that many cities in the Midwest are way behind in public transportation infrastructure.  You, though?  You’re able to go wherever you want, whenever you want!  WOOOP!

2.  If you are physically able to drive your car, you’re abundantly blessed!!! It’s so easy to take for granted our health.  But you?  You’ve got the upper body strength to turn the wheel and see from side to side, and the lower body strength to press the gas and the brake pedal.  You’re kind of a rock star!

3.  Taking care of a vehicle, whether it’s new or old, can get expensive. If you are getting your oil changed regularly, whether you drive a 1980’s Buick or a 2015 Lexus, you’re awesome!!! The bigger stuff can get super costly, but you’re able to get those things done, even on a budget.

4.  Almost without exception, every customer we have has an address. An ADDRESS!?!?!  Do you know how lucky you all are?  You have a place for your life to take root.  WOW!!!!!

We, as a company, as a family, as a small local business, are blessed beyond compare to have the extraordinary customers that we have. Not only do we keep your family safe by working on your cars, we also to provide a ‘safe place’ for local people to come to sit a spell either in the boiling hot or the freezing cold.  We honor fallen local soldiers on our sign, we mourn with the families of our customers when they pass, and we send ‘get well soon’ cards when we know of your illnesses.   We love looking at photos of your new grandkids, pets, or the new flowerbed outside your home.  We love that you’ve invited us, year after year, into your life, and say it’s okay for us to be a part of your family.   You’ve made US the lucky ones.