Summer just flew by, didn’t it??

If you’re a regular customer, you know that this summer threw us some curve balls.  Just to update you all, Joel is feeling better and is back full time.  Steve is off for a little bit taking some much-deserved time off after holding down the fort, so to speak, during Joel’s extended absence.

We are also finally fully staffed again!!   Your wait to get service might have been a little longer than you’re used to during June and July, but come on in and meet Jay and Evan, our two newest techs.  They’re turning out to be great additions to our Beany’s family, and have been instrumental in speeding up our return times for all our customers as they knock out the jobs they’re best suited for, and the ‘old guard’ do the things they excel at.

And….. we’re announcing our new hours.  Beginning 10/27/18, we will be closing on Saturdays. Our staff work incredibly hard year round, all week, and they deserve weekends to be with their families and to recharge their own batteries.  The transition to the new schedule will work as follows:

Sept 21-Oct 20:  Open Mon-Thursday 8a-6p.  Fridays will be 8a-7p.  Open Saturdays from 9a-12p for emergencies and appointments ONLY.

Beginning Oct 27th:  Open Monday through Friday, 8a-6p; Closed on Saturdays. 

With the new hours, we anticipate a couple of new things to make after hours pick up easier.  We’ll help you through it.  |

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Be safe out there!