We sell service.  That’s what we do.

With that in mind, we don’t really have “sales” like many retail merchants.  Until… DECEMBER!!!  During December, the one product we sell — over the phone, at the counter, even at small merchant fairs here locally–  goes on sale.  A HUGE sale!!  Buy ONE Beany’s Club Card, get another one FREE!!!!!  That’s one for you and one for your (mailman, dance teacher, sister-who-has-everything, or favorite dog sitter)!!!

Our “Beany’s Car Care Club Cards” are your one ticket to car health for the year.  They retail for $124.95 and entitle the bearer to

  • Four free oil changes (up to 4 quarts, regular oil only, not performance vehicles)
  • A free AC check (a $39.95 value)
  • One FREE pair of wiper blades (up to $40 value)
  • $30 off brake repair
  • $25 off exhaust system repair
  • A fuel injection cleaning for $39.95 (a 60% savings!)
  • $20 off computer diagnosis
  • $30 off a timing belt replacement

The card can be used by an entire family, on whichever cars need things. You can hand your Car Care Club Card to your teen,  your spouse,  or even your mailman (!)  and know that it’ll get done without having to send the credit card in with it! <wink>

Typically, that’s a GREAT deal.  During December, you get TWO of those Beany’s Cards for the low, low price of $124.95.   That’s a PHENOMENAL deal!!!  But hey, Santa knows your sleigh needs some lovin’ year round too!

You can come into the shop to purchase your card, or call in your credit number and we’ll mail them to you.  It’s up to you.  This sale ENDS December 31st, so hurry!  Then just sit back the rest of the year and spend $0 on your oil changes.  EEEEK!!!