Happy October!!!

The newsletter is attached, but if you  just want the highlights for the month…

1.  All month we are collecting canned and boxed food for the Byron Saunders Foundation.  You will receive $5 off your order with a donation of food.  If you donate a $15 gift card (from a local grocery chain) you will get $15 off your order.  The most requested items are canned vegetables, cranberry sauce, boxed instant potatoes, stuffing, and pie filling.

2.  The transition to “closed on Saturdays” will be complete by the end of October.  We hope you continue to find times throughout the week that will work for you, as our staffing has changed to accommodate a busier week.

However, the newsletter is a blast, and there is a great recipe on the front for a pumpkin pie.

Be safe out there!
<3 Beany