What a BUSY month here at Beany’s!!!!

It’s December, which means our very famous “Beany’s Car Care Club Cards” are BOGO all month!!  ALL MONTH!!  These are fantastic for gift-giving season.  The card is $124.95 and is redeemable for four oil changes, free blades, dollars off computer diagnosis, brakes, exhaust, and timing belt jobs throughout the year.  In December, you get TWO of those for only $124.95.  It’s a BARGAIN!!!

We get several questions about the newsletter, but the one we get most often is “why didn’t I get my newsletter this month?”   The answer is…. we send hard copies to the LAST 1,000 customers who have come through the door.  If you haven’t visited in a while, it’s likely that you’ve fallen under that number, and your name isn’t on our mailing list any longer.  Of course, the best way to fix that is COME ON IN!!!!   Get an oil change or wiper blades or a new brake light, and VOILA!, you’re back at the top again!

Of course, you can always find it on our website under NEWS 😉

Before I put the link in, I want to tell you about the DONATE AND SAVE this month.  Bring in towels, sheets, blankets, quilts or comforters (K/Q sizes are most needed, but whatever you have will be great) through the month of December, and save $10 off your repair bill!  This amount CAN be combined with other offers (but not more than one $10 discount per family).  These soft items will go to Joseph’s Coat, a local charity that helps folks get on their feet.  They collect gently used or new furniture, beds, bedding, linens, clothes and household goods year round. You can visit them online at josephs-coat.org

All right, all right, all right….. the newsletter link as promised….. click below