Happy Summer!!!

We’re busy at the shop getting ready for hot rod season, summer vacation travel plans, and trying to keep up with our flower beds.  We know you’re all doing the same… well, maybe not the hot rod part.   Just to remind you, we DO A/C every single day.  We have at least two air conditioning machines going each day, all day.  It’s just part of living in this hot and humid, but WONDERFUL, part of the country.  The diagnosis for AC is $69.99 and refrigerant is $28.95/lb.  Most passenger cars have 2 lbs of refrigerant, just so you know.

Here’s the June newsletter.  It’s full of all the normal fun stuff, but also reminds you that we are still collecting cans of GREEN BEANS all summer.  We decided to start early this year, and have been tasked with JUST GREEN BEANS (instead of collecting all sorts of Thanksgiving food) for the 2019 holiday.  Help out if you can!  Seven cans donated = $5.00 off your service order.

Happy travels!
Kerri and the whole gang at Beany’s

Click below for the June newsletter.