The days are nice and warm still, but we’re seeing frost on the pumpkins here in Central Ohio!!!  One thing you’ll start to see if you have a tire pressure monitoring system in your car is the “horseshoe/exclamation point” symbol on your dash… also known as “the Indianapolis Colts symbol.”  That’s your car telling you that you have at least one tire that is underinflated.

The reason we start seeing these en masse in the fall is that tAir_Gaugehe temperature inside your tire is changing with the weather.  We’re not physicists or anything, but in a nutshell, when the air gets cooler, it takes up less space, so your tires deflate a smidge.  That being said, don’t OVER inflate just to correct for the deflation….. just be aware that your tires will deflate a bit and come on in for a ‘top off.’  Remember, the air is always FREE at Beany’s!

It seems like a small thing, and certainly it’s a very easy fix, but the inflation of your tires is more important than you might think.  It’s like having the right shoes on your feet…. it affects the smoothness of your ride, but also your steering.  You can’t steer well if you’re wearing stilettos on a hiking path, right?  Your tires have a recommended PSI to help you get the maximum steering and the best ride.  We’ll help you keep that where it should be.

Drive Safe out there!