It sure got hot fast, didn’t it?  We do A/C service all day, every day.  If you prefer windows to A/C (or if your car is vintage and has no A/C), we also work on power windows.

We will be CLOSED on 4th of July, but open back up for the 5th of July… which is our ANNIVERSARY!!!  July 5, 2019 is our 41st anniversary!!!  Stop in and say hi!

Remember we’re collecting green beans for the Byron Saunders foundation.  The collection will go until Thanksgiving, or until we hit 500 cans, whichever comes first.  As of today, we are a little over halfway there (264 cans)… keep ’em coming!!!

Last month our Carl retired, so we have an open spot for a TERRIFIC auto technician (mechanic).  If you know of one, please feel free to send him or her our way.  This is our busy season and we sure could use some tip-top help.

Be safe out there!!  As always, click on the link below for our July newsletter (and COUPONS!)