Happy August!!!

Boy the summer has just flown by!  Before we know it we’ll be packing up our college aged kiddos and helping our little ones into their backpacks.   Make sure you refresh yourself and your young drivers on properly driving around big yellow school busses.

It’s also the time of year for us to start thinking about fall and (dare I say it?) winter driving.  Most cars should have their radiator flushed every other winter.  It might be time to start planning for that if you didn’t have it done last year.  Additionally, it might be time for new wipers and headlamps.  Let us know what you need!!

Oh, before I forget… don’t forget to keep bringing in GREEN BEANIES!!!!   We’re very near our goal, but we need you!!

As always, here’s the newsletter!!!  2019_August_proof
Be safe out there!