The calendar tells us SPRING is here!!!!


While it’s still a bit chilly, the change of season means it’s time to get your car ready to do the things it needs to shake off this past winter.   Winter in Ohio means snow, salt, sludge, sleet and rain.  These things take their toll on your vehicle.  So let’s get to it!  Here are some tips to getting your ride ready for the springtime!

  1. Give it a SPRING CLEANING!!!  Wash it really well to get salt out of the nooks and crannies.  Have the undercarriage cleaned (go through a drive-through wash) to get all the sludgy salty grit off the bottom of your car.  This will also let you know if your windows are sealing up nice and tight.  It can’t hurt to clean out your cabin in the spring too – you might find those great mittens you’ve been missing!
  2. Check out those parts that worked SO hard in the winter to keep you going… your battery, your plugs/wires, your hoses and belts and your fluids. Thanks to these workhorses, your car started when it should have.  YAY!!!  We can check to make sure they’re clean and full and ready for warmer weather.
  3. Check your tires and brakes. Salt and freezing temps do terrible things to tires.  Your brakes can hold onto salt for a while.  We can clean and adjust your brakes, and inspect your tires for you at your next oil change.
  4. Check your suspension and wheel alignment. Potholes wreak havoc on your suspension parts.  One big hole and you could be staring down the barrel of a tie rod or ball joint replacement.  We can check to make sure all your suspension parts are nice and tight.


Spring is a great time to plan those great summer road trips, or slip away for a nice day trip.  Taking care of your car is something we do together.  We’ll gladly do our part in getting you spring-ready!